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Global Green Bridge Corp.

Non-Profit Organization, dedicating themselves in development and research for environmental friendly resources. Promoting information about technology, and connecting companies who share interest. We believe in renewable resources, and Zero Carbon Emission ways, that do not exploit our earth anymore, we have to take care of our environment.

US Technology & Science Corp.

Manufacturer of revolutionary products like the Motor Home EL Djaro (c), and Integrated Trailer Boat (ITS (c)) system, with other projects, that revolutionize style with design and features that intend to give a final product that is perfect.

LexNex Designs Corp

This is a brand of a Jewelry line that was created for the purpose to give a creative and special way of enjoying the art that was meant to create feeling of positive energy. Creating Unique Handcrafted Jewelry and is of high Quality Hand-craftsmanship.

Plasmacor Corp

Developer of a building material that is 95% based on a renewable resource, and environmental friendly. For the purpose of creating a more thoughtful place for people to respect each other, because we need to care about our self and each other.

Millennium Headstones Corp.

We are introducing a brand new concept to the world industry that has not changed for decades, in terms of High-Tech innovations. Introducing the world first high-tech Headstone, a product that has more advantages, better, and is even less expensive than the traditional headstone product. The Headstones have a cutting edge surface technology that is impervious to mold, stains, cracks, fading, or brittle, are very impact resistant and durable, keeping all year around a brilliant shine. The Headstone / Gravestone has endless designer possibilities, the High-Tech material allows many choices, in both looks and features. We intend to bring you the best possible quality, and technology available, in this new era of Tombstone Industry.