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Massage Therapy If you love what you do, you just get better at it. Swedish Massage Therapy Among the more common therapies I practice many other techniques. Ancient Cupping Therapy A truly working wonders therapy for pain.
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Massage In Miami Beach Deborah A Daoud


I am a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed FLA – MA58730. I have accomplished my degrees with many years of study in the field of health care.

My integrity, honesty, privacy and kindness are very important attributes for my clients, especially because many crave normalcy.



Exceptionally talented, and very confident in my massage degree. With over 20 years of experience, and excellent references from many clients.

I have many certifications, and specializations, not limited to massage only, further relate to health care, which I am also very proficient in.



Due to my vast experience, and committed to my passion of helping, I am also capable to heal with my positive energy (Reiki), which works, besides my techniques that bring guaranteed results.

My massage therapies will bring you not just relief, it will heal your body, mind and spirit.

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Hi, my name is Deborah Alexis Daoud, and I usually go simply by Alexis. I have many years of experience in Massage Therapy, including additional certifications in specialized techniques, and Personal Trainer, my field of studies encompasses the human health.

I am currently also dual licensed in Massage Therapy, LIC # MA58730, and Esthetician with the Board of Cosmetology, FB9763238.

As an esthetician I perform skin cleansing facials that improve your health, feel and look. I will brighten your skin with facials, both the classic and medical-grade varieties, to nourish skin and address issues such as aging and acne.

I have High endurance for Strong Deep Tissue Massage, and different techniques to relieve stress, pain & tension from your muscles. With therapies that will guaranteed make you feel healthier.

  • Dual Licensed and insured esthetician and massage therapist
  • Extensive health training.
  • Previously worked at five-star hotels and spas and with celebrity clientele
  • Employs Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Myofascial-release techniques, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy.
  • Specializes in energy healing, including reiki and chakra balancing
  • Esthetician therapies include facial cleansing, Microdermabrasions, Chemical Peel, etc.
  • Salt and Sugar scrubs, and Waxing services.
  • Professional Steam & Swedish Sauna Room, Hot Rocks.
  • High endurance & strength, including a Personal Trainer License.

Besides my massage career, graduated nurse, I also own a jewelry line LexNex Designs (, and also our full-on Headstone business, Millennium Headstones Corp. (, which is also a world changer.

I do carry my Massage Therapy strictly professional, please do not confuse my personality and the way I carry myself, it is simply the way I feel, young, positive and healthy. My services are really special, not at all overpriced, and the success rate is truly high.

You can enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own place with an Out-call:

Which we service from 10am-11pm, and with a distance of 20 miles in and around Miami Beach.

Professional services include Massage Table, or Mobile Massage Chair, Hot Rocks, and Cupping.

or In-call at one of these premier locations in;


Our new premier location in Wynwood (Miami Downtown).

Services Include: Cupping, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Professional Steam Room(s), Hot Rocks, Massage Tools, Free Private Gated Parking & more

Directions –> 1813 NW 3rd Av, Miami, FL

Currently per Appointment only from 10am to 11pm

For all requests please call or text (305) 713-4047

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Massage Therapy Session

Massage Therapy Pricing

Starting $30-45 For 30 Minutes In-Calls

Deborah A. Burlet-Daoud

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Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage

Swedish Massage

Uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage. The five basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis.
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Deep Tissue Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue

Designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. Focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. This massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury, it is common after a deep tissue massage to have a muscle ache for a day or two.
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Steam Room
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Steam Room

Steam Room

Relax with a large professional 4-Person Cedar Steam Room Sauna, which will soothe your muscles and skin, and numerous health benefits. Some of the health benefits include fighting heart disease, dementia, and COVID, amongst other.

It also is preparing you for a better massage, which is recommended to add to your session for a small additional fee.

The steam room is very beneficial with aroma therapy like eucalyptus, peppermint, tee tree oil and others.

Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Sports Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Is a mixed skills type of massage specialized and focused on athletes that have pains from exercise or damages to their muscles.

The therapy is focused on relaxing the tension, soothing the muscle aches, and skills related to athletes massage.

Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Reiki Healing
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Reiki Healing

Psychic Healing

A self-intuitive massage method, and helps in many forms, especially where regular healing methods do not work. It is very exhausting to perform, and will leave the practitioner sick and depleted for several days.

Similar to Reiki, which is also practiced, but a more focused and deeper healing.


Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Hot Basalt Stones
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Hot Basalt Stones

Hot Basalt Stones

Natural lava stones that retain heat for a long period of time, especially soothing for deeper pain, and they radiating the pain away deep in the tissue. Applied with gentle Massage strokes, and then placed on the body.
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Cupping Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Cupping Massage

Cupping Therapy

Is an ancient medical treatment that relies upon creating a local suction to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing. Suction is created using a hand pump. The use of Cupping Therapy has been a part of most cultures of the world.
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Body Rub Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Body Rub Massage

Body Rub Therapy

Body scrubs, salt scrubs and sugar scrubs, are usually a special foot scrub, but you can also use this on the entire body, containing essential oil, almond oil and Epsom salt or sugar.

This helps exfoliate the dead skin and helps nourish and put moisture into the skin. This can be used on your back, legs and arms and used lightly it will not scratch your skin, once it is wiped off then a lotion or cream is used seal in the moisture.

Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Aroma Therapy Massage
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Aroma Therapy Massage

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy is the soothing smell of sage, peppermint, rose pedal, eucalyptus,  lavender and many different aromas that will sooth your mind and spirit.

These essential oils are are not just used in burning, but also for massage therapy, by carefully adding into the massage oil. They are also highly beneficial in steaming sessions, where peppermint, will help with skin health or eucalyptus, for improved breathing.

Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage Oils
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage Oils

Massage Oils

For massages there is a selection of non allergic oils, which are non-fragrance, and also used as a base, oils like coconut, grape seed oil, and more.

Oils are always prepared fresh, and can contain essential oils, like lavender, rose pedals, tea tree oil, and others.

The correct oil for the right therapy is usually recommended based on preference.

Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage Music Therapy
Massage in Miami Beach - Services - Massage Music Therapy

Meditation Music

There is a wide selection of spiritual and soothing music choices available while you enjoy the massage therapy. Music like whale sounds, from Kamal, nature sounds, meditative mantra songs.

And of course, there is also almost any other music choice you might prefer.

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Why Massages Are So Important For You

Seeking Massage Therapy and improved workout practices are becoming now more popular every day, as more people are becoming aware of the health benefits. Massage has been practiced since 490 BC, over 2500 years as a healing practice, and also for healthcare. Common knowledge is that massage creates sensations of well being and relaxes the body. It is my objective to help you realize the other physiological benefits of massage.

Massages are the only practical way to get relaxed and reduce stress, which is when hormone Cortisol is released in the body, and normally the only real way to reduce it is by sleeping. Massages stretch the muscles back to there normal positions, it reduces the flight or fight sensations that stress causes, and allows you to relax.

Stress is the cause for almost all diseases and causes death, stress needs to properly managed, with therapy, techniques like breathing and more.

There are also many other massage techniques that are beneficial to the body, which I have expertise for.

The Benefits of Massages

Massage activates your body to get rid of wastes that are building up around and inside of you. The kneading and flowing strokes of massage therapy have this effect on the body. There are also tender points on your body that need special attention, like Trigger Point Therapy. These are mainly points that have not had sufficient blood flow, and will cause pain. Massage friction strokes and light stretching help the body to get the blood, with oxygen and nutrients to those tender sections and begin the healing process. The directed blood flow patterns with massage strokes on the body during massage therapy aid in waste removal of the toxins.

Massage has the effect of strengthen the skin, by massaging the muscles, and the collagen in the tissue, the massage therapy will reduce wrinkles in the skin, and minimize cellulite. Regular massage therapy sessions will dramatically improve your skin. Many people also like “deep tissue” or “sports massage” techniques, because of its benefits of releasing the build-up of lactose in the muscles, which reduces pain. The body appreciates also the long lasting effects. A deeper massage technique is especially appreciated by those with an athletic lifestyle.

Click for Booking or call directly 305 713 4047 Text/Email.

Sometimes I have limited specials.

For Deals, check my Personal Blog section.

Thanks, Satnam

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    60 Minutes Massage

    Out-Call -> $120

    In-Call -> $90


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    90 Minutes Massage

    Out-Call -> $180

    In-Call -> $120

    HEAVEN *

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    120 Minutes Massage

    Out-Call -> $240

    In-Call -> $150


These are the packages that I usually offer.

* Includes Massage, Hot Rocks, and Steam.

** Includes Massage, Hot Rocks, Cupping, Sauna, Steam, and 30 min Facial.

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Book A Healing Massage Therapy Appointment

Out-Call Service

With a comfortable portable table, You can enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel, I serve many locations.

I will travel up to a distance of 22 Miles from my Massage Establishment, located in Wynwood, Miami Downtown, including South Beach.

I am familiar with many Hotels and Spa’s in & around Miami Beach.

If the distance is far there will be surcharge for travel time.

Deborah Alexis Daoud – Massage Therapist

Please Call/Text (305) 713-4047

to schedule an appointment.


I service these locations and more;

Hotels, like the Hyatt, Four Seasons,  Hilton, Doubletree, Marriott, Viceroy, InterContinental, Mayfair, Fontainebleau, EPIC and many more  in and around Miami,

Miami Beach Downtown, Aventura, South Beach, North Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Shores, Miramar, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade, Broward, FT Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Gardens, Biscayne Park, Brickell, Wynwood + More.

In-Call Service

Treat yourself today with a relaxing therapeutic massage for mind, body and spirit. Rejuvenate yourself, reduce your Stress, get the Energy to be more successful and enjoy living a happy healthier lifestyle.

Professional Massage Services are available by appointment only (BOOK NOW)

Open from 8am to 12am, Monday thru Sunday, 365 days a year.

Please call/text (305) 713-4047

Located in Wynwood / Miami:

1813 NW 3rd Av, Miami, FL 33136


Amenities and Services include; Couples Massages, Sauna, Steam Room, Facials, Massages, Different Massage Techniques, Parking & Much More.

Located in famous art district Wynwood, 1 block to Events and Nightclubs, many Galleries, Public Sights, Shopping etc.

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